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 ======Overview====== ======Overview======
 +The application "GaitlabHDApp" bundles a set of tools developed and used from Oliver Rettig in the Gait- and Motionlab at Heidelberg University clinics [[|Gaitlab Heidelberg]] for processing gait measurement data collected from optical marker tracking systems. This collection of tools is made to use for this lab only.
 +{{ :screenshot.png?700 |}}
-The application "**GaitlabHDApp**" bundles a set of tools developped and used by **Oliver Rettig** in the [[|Gait- and Motionlab]] at [[|Heidelberg University clinics]], for processing gait measurement data, collected from optical marker tracking systems, e.g. [[|VICON]]. This collection of tools is made to use for this lab only.+It includes advanced algorithms for joint center- and axes estimation, based on functional methods. The results of the data processing can be visualized as 3D stick figure motion and time series plots. 
 +It also integrates a motion analysis data mining tool to collect frame based parameters from the time series and it allows to export this data for external processing, e.g. by spreadsheet programs (Excel or Open/Libre-Office)
-{{ :screenshot.png?700 |}} 
-It includes advanced algorithms for **joint center- and axes estimation**, based on **functional methods**. The results of the data processing can be visualized as [[|3D stick figure motion]] and [[|time series plots]]. 
-It also integrates a [[|Motion Analysis Datamining Tool]] to collect frame based parameters from the time series and it allows to export this data for external processing, e.g. by spreadsheet programs (Excel or [[|Open-]]/[[|Libre-Office]]) and further statistical calculations e.g. with [[|SPSS]] or the famous open source tool [[|R]]. Specific for the labs data managment its propritary HD-ASC file format is supported. 
-It does not yet include the [[|Plot Sheet functionality]] to show sheets of time normalized plots.+======Installation====== 
 +There is no yet a download link available. Please ask Oliver Rettig for an individual possibility to get the application 
 +Ready to use installers for windows and linux based systems are available with the name “upperlimbapp-<windows|linux>.exe”. After the start you will see the following panel and you have to press the “next” button: 
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