Installer files

There is no download link for installers available. A ready to use installer for windows only is available with the name “gaithd-windows.exe” saved in the „D-folder“ in the gaitlabs intranet.

Installation process

After starting of the installer (double click on the „exe-file“) you will see the following panel and you have to press the “next” button:

At the following panel you can change the default folder where the application is installed and you can descide if shortcuts should be created.

If the folder exists and is not empty you can not go the next panel before you have changed the folder to an apropiate one which ist new or if it exists which is empty.

During the installation process the follwing panel is shown:

And if the installation process is finished it looks the the following and you can descide if you want to start the application immideatly or not.


The application contains commercial modules. That is why a licence manager is included. An activated network licence is saved here:


and the application starts only on the PCs of the Gait- and Motionlab Heidelberg.

No activation for fresh installations is needed. If the application asks you for activation, the licence file is accidently deleted or moved away.


To process data with a model you first need a „Project“. A Project is a folder with a set of subfolders, which include mainly XML-files, to describe what to do. You can open an existing project and modify its content, inside the application. You can open more than one project. But always one of them must be defined as main project.

Open the context menu in the „Projects tab“ by right-click of the mouse and choose one of the open projcts as a main project. The name of the project is shown in bold faces in the list of projects in the projects tab.

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