The datamining tool determines and extracts specific defined parameters (single values) from timeseries data, e.g. maximum, minimum or mean values of specific phases or at specific positions (events). Details are described in the Dataminer platform documentation.


For a long time in the Gaitlab Heidelberg the Matlab based tools „GDMiner“ and „Parametersuche“ are used. Last one is part of the Database „HeiDataProVIT“. The Datmining functionality of the „GaitlabHDApp“ is an alternative to these tools, with more flexibility and some advantages:

  • It works for arbitrary filetypes, not only normalized data saved as HD-ASC.
  • The input-files with the paths to the input data are saved as XML.
  • The legacy file type - ASCII tab-delimited format (e.g. created from the Parametersuche of HeiDataProViT) - can be imported. No problems caused by unvisible/nonprintable characters any more.

Advantages in comparison to GDMiner

  • GDMiner can work only with HD-ASC average files (gla) and it assumes, that all timeseries are time-normalized and have a prefix „Mean“ or „Std“. The dataminer tool of the Nimue-Platform can work with arbitrary file types: gla, glx, glm, c3d, d3d, …
  • It has its own robust XML-file type to define path lists. No problems with unvisible/nonprintable characters any more (import function for csv-files are available)
  • More flexibility in definition of phases: E.g. phases can start with „RTO“ (This was needed for „Evas“ project).

Advantages in comparison to Parametersuche

  • Multiple „Parametersuche“ in one step.
  • Calculation of data for both sides in one step.
  • The data processing settings can be saved as an XML-file for future use.
  • Possibility to select multiple „gait phases“ for calculations.

Gait indizes

Gait profile score

Gait deviation index

MoMo and Matlab Tools Integration

There are several tools, which support legacy MoMo and Matlab Tools, described in the Nimue platform documentation, here.

The following tools are available:

Usage of Examination info files

Import of SheetGLA configuration files

Plot Sheet

This component is currently not available in this application.

====Advantages in comparison to MoMo„

  • Trials with holes can be plottet.
  • Several pages of plot-sheets are presented as tabs instead of flying windows.
  • xy-plots, phase-angles plots, …
  • More flexible visualisation of events (more than one event-Type), toggle-on/off event visualisation
  • split and resample of subphase possible
  • calculation of CV-values
  • Visualisation of more than one variable in a plot
  • Configuration of a sheet in a specic datafile

Specific advantages in comparision to VisualEMG

  • No performance limitation for more than 30 trials

Specific advantages in comparison to ivit

  • Ivit expects existance of parameters typically saved in “.gla„-file, e.g. patientid, although they are not used.
  • Ivit works only with a specific set of file-extentions: gla, glx, gxa
  • “-„ are not allowed
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