Support of hd-asc file formats

The default output by processing a session is in the format „.d3d“. This can be changed easily to the hd-asc file standard of the Heidelberg Gait- and Motionlab as follow:

In the „job configuration“ you have to subsitute the follwing code fragments in the calc-groups definitions:

<output labelset="Output2.lml" dir=""


<output labelset="Output2.lml"/>

This result in using the default output handler and the default for the GaitHDApp is hd-asc. It is important, that the labelset files are defined correctl. With the attribute „fileSuffix“ you can define which suffix should be used:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<LabelSet xmlns="" 
          name="Output for Markers, Joint centers and axes">
    <Labels name="all" basefile="true" fileSuffix="glx" mimeType="text/x-glm">

The code snipset above defines, that the output files are be written with the suffix „glx“.

More details about the hd-asc file format support you can fine here.

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