PiGMo10 Vicon PiG based

This is a clone of what the PiGMo10 „modelscript“ in MoMo calculates, based on the Vicon PiG model.

So the complete pipeline from the raw data, to the sheets up to the exported hd-asc files, used by HeiDataProVIT, is possible and can substitute MoMo.

Only some testing and finetuning, to make the pipeline more robust, is need for daily usage.

PiGMo10 independent

Additional to the above this also includes a Vicon PiG kinematics clone. This makes the project completly independent from Vicon for full flexibility.

PiG with functional centers/axes

This project adds functional center/axes determination to the default Vicon PlugInGait model. It works together with the old Vicon Workstation and also with new Vicon Nexus system.

Additional to the ScoRE/SARA functional method implementation of Vicon, several mathematical methods are available and the phases, which are used as input for the estimation, can be controlled by setting of events in the dynamic calibration trials.

Eclipse entries

To process the data, specific dynamic calibration trials must be done and its specific eclipse entries must be set:

Name Value Description
CLASS Static_Cal Static standing trial, typically used with knee alignment device.
CLASS HipCircle Optional, if HipFlex/Ext and HipAbd/Add are both available.
CLASS HipFlex/Ext Flexion/Extention of the hip, which should cause also flexion/extention of the knee; last is used for knee-axis estimation; so it is important, that in this trial also the knee is flexed at minim of 30 degrees RoM.
CLASS HipAbd/Add Optional, if HipCircle and HipFlex/Ext are both available.
TYPE PiG, PiGFunctional Indicates, if the trial is processed with PiG or with functional-PiG (Vicon implementation of SARA and ScoRE).
SIDE Side R, Side L, bds

Modelparameter files

Modelparameter-files are needed to read parameters from clinical measurements, which are used to define offset angles in the kinematics model.

There is an important limitation in the mechanism to work with these files: You can have an mp-file only for each session and not for each group. That is why the mp-files are found only, if they are saved in the session and not in the group. Details of working with .mp-files and its limitations you can find here.

Used parameters are:

$LKneeWidth = 103 
$LAnkleWidth = 71
$LTibialTorsion = -15
$RKneeWidth = 104 
$RAnkleWidth = 71
$RTibialTorsion = -15
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