Gait indizes

Gait profile score

Gait deviation index

Generic data mining

Advantages in comparison to GDMiner

  • GDMiner can work only with Heidelberg-ASCII average files (gla) and assumes that all timeseries are time-normalized and have a prefix „Mean“ or „Std“. The dataminer tool of the Nimue-Platform can work with aribtray files: gla, glx, glm, c3d, d3d, …
  • Its own robust xml-file with path lists, no problems with non printable characters (import function for old csv-file is available)
  • More flexibility in definition of phases. Phases can start with RTO. This was needed for Evas project.

Working with Session Sets

A Session Set defines a list of paths to data sessions and can include additional columns with allocated data. The data is organized as a table with rows and columns.

Import of csv-files

A csv-file as it can be exported via Excel can be imported in a Nimue-Platform Project. It is saved as an xml-file in the subfoler „SessionSets“ in the project.

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