The software GaitHdApp bundles some modules for some specific applications in the Heidelberg Gait- and Moditionlab. Some operational procedures are typically equal for all users and all topics. These are explained in the Workflows section of the Nimue platform documentation.

The Workflows specific for the upperlimb software are listed in the following sections.

Working with Session Sets

A Session Set defines a list of file paths pointing to data „sessions“ and can include additional columns with allocated data. Processing, Plot-Sheets, Datamining and other functionality can be based on such lists. Details are explained in the section Working with Session Sets of the Nimue Platform documentation.

Import of csv-files

Files of the legacy session set file type (csv-file), as it is used by Parametersuche and GDMiner (exported by Excel or HeiDataProVIT) can be imported. Imported session sets are saved as xml-files in the subfolder „Data Sets“ in a project.

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